8 Reasons Why You Should Date A Thai Woman

8 Reasons Why You Should Date A Thai Woman

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Sexy Thai Lady in Front of a MirrorAh, Thailand: A place of spiritual enlightenment filled with beautiful Buddhist temples and lines of monks filing down the street every morning—and also a place of bars, strip clubs, and general debauchery. Many a young man has been seduced by this world of extremes, and found himself both in a state of growth and of overwhelm. Many young men have also found themselves in love; in a foreign land where the women seem to be so genuinely kind and cheerful, especially compared to Western women, it is easy to fall head over heels.

You may know of men who have a taste for Thai women. Indeed, lots of tourist activity from Western nations revolves around the very fact that so many foreign men find the women in Thailand to be pleasing. Why is this though? Let’s take a look at some of the core reasons why men are visiting Thailand in droves in order to find wives or girlfriend (or, for some of the less discriminating types, a paid date):

1) Thai women are generally positive.

Obviously, this varies, but one of the first things that makes a huge impression on people when they visit the Land of Smiles is, well…the smiles! In Western cultures, the unfortunate trend of late has been a tendency for cynicism, sarcasm, and complaining. Even most of our comedy and humor falls along these lines. In Thai culture, it is seen as somewhat unseemly to unload your problems onto other people or to subject other people to your anger by losing your temper. Getting negative or emotional is a quick way to lose face, and so generally you will find that Thai women try to bring up positive things in conversation and they won’t spend all of your time together venting about their problems.

2) They show that they care about you.

While Western women tend to be a bit more reserved about doing favors for men or giving them gifts (because there’s a common cultural belief that the men should be doing this for the women), Thai women understand the value of a good man, so you may find that they are extremely accommodating and willing to help you. For example, if you don’t know how to get to a certain place, you may be shocked to find that a Thai woman you’re dating might go out of her way not only to give you directions, but to come along with you.

3) They are less entitled.

Because Thai girls general don’t grow up with all the conveniences that Western women grow up with, they have less of a sense of entitlement and less of an expectation that the world is going to take care of them. If you would like a woman that isn’t living in this bubble of detrimental comfort, you might consider dating a Thai lady, especially one from a small town.

4) They actually want to make you happy.

Thai Woman in a BikiniWhile of course it depends on the individual, in general Thai women place more of an emphasis on keeping their men happy than Western women do. For example, if your sex drive is higher than that of your Western girlfriend, she may be shocked if you imply that she should endeavor to have sex with you more often anyway; by contrast, Thai women are generally glad to please their men, often worrying that if they don’t keep their boyfriends content, they may run around with other women.

5) They are less superficial.

So, maybe you don’t have six pack abs and biceps that are bursting out of your shirt, nor are you a billionaire who drives a Ferrari to get to his mailbox. However, you would think that you’d need to be all these things to get a girlfriend if you went by the entitled attitude of some Western women, who can be petty, superficial, and unrealistic about what they seek from a mate. Thai women are often more mature in this regard, and they see a man for his long-term potential and character. They know that looks and youth fade over time, and they’re more willing to date older, more established men if the man is stable and honest.

6) They are tactful.

One way that you can tell how a person will treat you over the long-term, even after the initial tingles have worn off, is how they treat others. In Thai society, kindness is an important social trait as they are a Buddhist culture and they believe in Karma. Though of course this has its disadvantages (like less clarity), Thai women are generally very careful with the way they treat the feelings of others and they will almost never behave in a rude way. They are taught to not be confrontational or abrasive, which can be very refreshing if you’ve spent time dating Western women.

7) They are more submissive.

With Western women, there is often this hidden agenda beneath the surface, where every move you make is secretly being used to fuel a power struggle between you and your girlfriend. Have you ever felt that? Have you ever had a Western woman refuse to comply with a suggestion of yours for no logical reason, or for the mere purposes of childishly proving that you “can’t tell [her] what to do?” Have you ever had a Western woman accuse you of chauvinism simply because you didn’t agree with her?

You can forget all of that drama if you date a Thai woman; they are usually much more submissive than Western women and they don’t find it insulting to follow your lead. If you prefer to give your woman more of the control, that’s completely up to you of course, but if you’re the kind of guy who is into the more “traditional” roles of men and women, you would probably have better luck with a Thai girl than with a Western woman.

8) They are beautiful.

Of course, the Thai look isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re into petite girls who generally know how to keep their waistlines in control, then a Thai lady might be exactly what you want. Thai women also tend to age very well, so they will keep their looks longer if you do plan to bite the bullet and get married someday.

As with women of any culture, Thai women aren’t going to be perfect, but if you find the traits mentioned above to be appealing, you might be able to find true love in the Land of Smiles—and there are plenty of eligible women there who are ready and willing for the right foreign man to come along.

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