8 Reasons Why You Should Date A Vietnamese Woman

8 Reasons Why You Should Date A Vietnamese Woman

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Once a war-torn country that in fact had a few run-ins with some Western nations (namely the U.S.), Vietnam has made a comeback in recent decades, and has become a hub for startups lately, boosting the already growing economy. Ever since its markets were made a bit more free, it has become a great place to explore, and, for some, an even greater place to find love.

Why Should You Date A Vietnamese Woman?

What are Vietnamese women like? Many foreigners tend to lump Asian women into one category, but the truth is that Vietnamese women come from a distinct culture, and have many advantages over not only Western women, but women of other Asian nationalities as well. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons why you might do well to date a Vietnamese woman:

1) They’re loyalVietnamese Girl in Hat

Vietnamese women tend to believe in keeping stable long-term relationships. You might find that they are much less likely to cheat on your or walk out on you when things in life get difficult. Disloyalty is something that we often take for granted in Western society, a culture where you’re not expected to stay with your spouse once you notice the first signs of “unhappiness.” By contrast, divorce rates in Vietnam are extremely low, because Vietnamese women understand the value of long-term emotional returns as opposed to short-term instant gratification.

2) They have class

Usually Vietnamese women are quiet, polite, and interested in giving off a good impression. They demonstrate restraint by avoiding overt conflict and attempting to keep interactions as pleasant as possible. If you’re sick of confrontational Western women, this might be a nice change of pace.

3) They are humble

Humility is something you’ll generally be hard-pressed to find in Western women, which is somewhat understandable because it is not rewarded by our society. Western women get a lot of attention for acting in a self-centered way, indiscreetly displaying their physical attributes for the world to see on social media, and boasting the way that men often do. Vietnamese women are instead raised to be humble and to care about others and to genuinely worry about people.

4) They are less promiscuousBack of Vietnamese Woman

This may not be a “pro” for you, depending on what you’re going for, but since they tend to be so loyal to their partners and put so much emphasis on long-term relationships, they are not going to jump into sex right away unless they are fairly sure that the man they are dating is a good fit. If you’re looking for “easy” girls, Vietnamese women may not be what you are looking for, but at least you know that if you date one of these women, it is unlikely that she has had very many partners before you.

5) They believe in family

Once you have known each other for a little bit, she will probably expect you to meet her parents and siblings. If she is dating you, she will also likely be evaluating your potential as a partner for building a family of her own.

Again, if you’re only looking for a one-night stand, this may not be what you want, but if you’re trying to date with the intention of finding a long-term girlfriend or a future wife, then dating a Vietnamese woman would probably be a good idea. You want a woman who will stay by your side and happily raise your children.

6) They are less materialistic

Since their culture places such a huge emphasis on family and other spiritual values over material or monetary ones, you don’t have to worry quite as much that she’s going to take your for a ride and try to scam you. The possibility is always there, of course, but Vietnamese women are generally less interested in money than women of many other cultures. Don’t take this to mean that a Vietnamese a woman isn’t going to care if you’re broke, now—nearly all women, all across the globe care at least to some extent about your net worth, and there’s no real way to get around that—but she is going to care about this more to the extent that lack of wealth could interfere with raising a family, and less to the extent that no cash means she can’t get the latest designer handbag.

7) If the Vietnamese girl is looking for foreign men, she is rather braveVietnamese Woman in White Dress

This may sound like an odd point of advantage, but Vietnam is a very traditional society, and as you might imagine some of the older folks don’t take too kindly to their daughters dating foreign men, especially Western men. (There is still some level of dislike due to political conflict of the past, on top of the fact that, like many Asian nations, there is a preference for women to marry men of the same culture.) If she’s willing to take social risks to date you, this means she must really like you and see potential in you as a partner, or else she has a lot more courage than her peers do. Take this as a compliment.

8) They believe in being feminine

Generally, Vietnamese women maintain a classic, feminine look. While you might find pixie cuts, tattoos, torn-up jeans, and other classless, masculine decoration quite often in Western women, especially ones of the American persuasion, it will be much harder to find a Vietnamese woman sporting this same kind of…ornamentation. In fact, go ahead and try to find one that fits this description; you’ll be looking forever.

While some men prefer this kind of rough look, a lot of us crave a softer, more submissive, more feminine appearance, and Vietnamese women certainly tend to fit this description.

So if you’re looking for a girlfriend who is family-oriented, more conservative, and who gives off an air of class and humility, you should try dating a Vietnamese woman. Known for their stunning beauty and femininity, even if you’re not sure if marriage is in your long-term plans, it’s worth it to get acquainted with one of these ladies.

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