How To Meet Asian Women Online – Part Two

How To Meet Asian Women Online – Part Two:The Profile

Even if you already know a lot about online dating, reviewing this section is recommended as preparation and it can secure you from mistakes that could cost you a fantastic date with an amazing Asian woman.

The Profile: Important pointsHow to meet Asian women online

Transparency in who you are and what you want is your top priority. Here we designed a customized guide for you to build your profile and create an image that reflects your true inner character. Here are some points you should consider while building your profile:

1. Search yourself: Who are you and what do you want?

Remember, if you want to court an Asian woman you have to be direct and confident!

You can start by Googling your name and see what you find because she will do it at some point any way. If you do show up on Google, make sure you don’t build an online dating profile that contracts your public profile.

The truth is that most men aren’t used to talking about themselves, and In daily life, we are rarely called upon to list our strengths or detail our accomplishments. Because of this many people miss some of their best qualities in their profile; try not to miss your best qualities. You can ask relatives or close friends to tell you some of the good qualities about you that you didn’t even know yourself.

2. Take the time to put original thinking into your profile

You can read other profiles to get ideas but be sure that you write an original profile that depicts your character in the honest yet desirable way. If your profile is too short, generic, and impersonal, or badly written and loaded with unnecessary stuff, it is likely that girls will ignore you. Remember that girls on online dating sites receive a lot of messages. If you don’t stand out of the crowd, you’re putting yourself at a huge disadvantage.

3. Choose a catchy screen name and heading

Try not to choose a screen name that exposes you as a ‘not caring’ personality, like “Andy1234”. Try to find a screen name which is creative, bears a sense of humor, carries a meaning and is not light-hearted. Put your passion into it and try it to be free from Asian related words such as “AsianLover”. Same goes with headings and short descriptions. You should avoid common generic phrases like “searching for my soul-mate” or “seeking my Asian princess”. There is nothing wrong with them but they are not original nor creative. You can use your hobbies for instance to create a catchy screen name or description.

4. Make sure you include at least one photoHow to meet Asian women online - good profile picture

It is recommend that you post a minimum of two photos. Pick pictures that represent you well. Pictures that depict you engaged in an activity are good as they put your personality on display. Variety in pictures is directly linked with the number of viewing. You can also show off some creativity with your pictures.

Caution: Don’t be a show off. If you have a ripped athletic body or some cool body tattoos, don’t blatantly show them off in shirtless selfies. Try to make it more subtle, such as picture that features you engaged in a sport of some sort. For example, if you love to play golf, throw in a picture of you in a epic golf pose.

Remember to upload recent photos, you may get away with a few years but a picture that is different from you can be a wet blanket when she meets you for the first time.

5. Make sure your profile description has plenty of useful information

Help your potential Asian soulmate identify what you like and dislike, your personal beliefs, your strengths and weaknesses, your traits and your qualities. It’s a good idea to add facts that can support your words. Asian girls normally need more facts than girls from your own ethnic group to trust you. If you love travel, talk about your latest travels and add a relevant picture to your profile and try to talk a little bit about the picture. Take time to generously discuss your favorite books, music, cuisine, websites, locations, movies, etc. If there are negative sides with your character that you are planning to improve, adding them might actually improve your image as an honest person. Feel free to brag about yourself a little bit but don’t overdo it and never ever try to pretend to be someone else. In general avoid exaggeration and inconsistency.

6- Be clear about your relationship requirements to prevent misunderstanding

Many Asian immigrants may date with an aim to marry, even if for whatever reason they don’t mention it clearly in their profile. If you have something else in mind and you are confident about it, be clear and upfront and mention it in your own profile.

7- Nothing can make dating your Asian girl more perfect than a sense of fairy tale romanceHow to meet Asian women online - romance

Add some creativity to your first date. Be romantic in the location and activity that you choose. It can be centered around nature, sports, art, etc. Asian woman can be a little difficult to win over, but once you do they will extremely loyal and loving. You just have to sweep them off your feet.

8- Read the part one of this series again

After writing your profile, go back and read part one of this series again. Try to customize and improve your profile accordingly, and try to find opportunities where you can show how you appreciate Asian culture and values. Just don’t put any unrealistic or disingenuous information.

9- Share your profile with friends and ask for advice and comments.

Having an Asian friend can be a good resource for this step. They can look over your profile and give you a unique perspective on whether or not it will be effective in meeting Asian women online or not.

In part 3, we’ll explore some tips on how to message and communicate effectively in the world of online dating.

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