Review Review Site has over 15 years of experience (it was established back in 1998) in setting up international dates with Chinese women. In the world of the internet, where dodgy websites come and go all the time, if any organization has been around for as long as, it says a lot about them. is different than a regular dating site, and it’s important to keep that in mind when you’re browsing the site. This is not a dating website where anyone can become a member and set up their own profile. carefully chooses all the women on the site and assists them in setting up their profiles (i.e., professional photo shoot, videos, etc.).

This can be mistaken for in-authenticity if you expect to be like other dating sites i.e., POF, OkCupid, eHarmony, etc. It’s a different system, and a different way of meeting people, but it is rather efficient.

On other dating sites you have to wait for days, sometimes weeks to get replies from women, if they ever reply to you at all. In China, it is a very different society. has only women who are interested in dating Western men. That means that when you send a message, you get a reply. Period.


To sign up, all you need to do is provide your name, birthday, nationality and create a password. It’s very easy, simple and quick. On the bottom of the sign up page is says that it only takes 10 seconds to register. I think it took me even less time than that. Review

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Once you complete the sign up form, you are immediately asked to answer the following 7 questions to help find matches for you:

  1. Does your partner’s weight matter to you?
  2. Are you a passionate kisser?
  3. Do you believe in astrological signs when looking for matches?
  4. Do you think women look better wearing dresses than pants?
  5. Do you have a secret that you’ve never told anyone?
  6. Do you hope for love to develop from friendship?
  7. Do you believe in love at first sight?

I found these questions to be rather vague and it left me confused as to how my answers to those questions would help them select matches for me. But nonetheless, when you finish answering them, you are immediately presented with a list of potential matches whom you will have the option of either checking out their profile, or emailing them right away.

But don’t worry if you don’t find what you’re looking for in that initial list, you have barely begun to scratch the surface. Many more women await you in the ‘Online’ section. Online Girls

Email Address Verification

Once you have registered and you’ve entered the site, you will see a banner at the top of the page asking you verify your email address.

The process is fairly standard, just head over to your inbox and open the email they sent you. Click on the link provided and your email address will be verified.

Once you complete this process and return the, you will be prompted to complete your profile. They claim that having a completed profile gives you 15X more attention on the site.

Completing Your Profile

In order to complete your profile, you need to provide information about such as your height, weight, martial status, your marital status, whether or not you have children, your country, state/province, city and what you’re looking for as far as relationships.

Once you’re done on that page, you are taken to a page where you can describe yourself. You are given the options of writing a description in your own words, or choosing from a list of qualities that you believe describes you best.

As you complete your profile you earn more and more points. Points are the currency used on the site to interact with the women. I will describe the points system a little more later on.

When you have successfully completed your profile, you are instantly rewarded with a voucher for a free chat session. Chatting on normally requires you to spend credits, which you have to purchase, so getting the voucher is pretty cool. It allows you to test what the site has to offer without having to invest any money into it.

Ladies’ Profiles

The most striking thing about every lady’s profile on is the stunning quality of their profile pictures. Every picture is professionally taken, in fact, when you click on them, you will see that every picture actually has a watermark on it. That is because each and every woman on the website gets a professional photo shoot by It is a requirement of being on the site.

But the fact that every single picture of every single profile is professionally taken is not the only reason why the girls look so good. It is immediately obvious to anybody that all the girl on this site are absolutely gorgeous, and that they would be with or without professional photography. They all have similar body types and height. I guess they have certain requirements for the ladies who can participate in the site. Jessica's Profile Pictures

Below the pictures section, there is some personal information about the woman and a description in English (most likely translated since most profiles have English proficiency listed as either: learning or fair). The descriptions don’t strike me as especially personal or authentic though. They are fairly generic and all resemble each other.

And finally at the bottom of each girl’s profile is a list of interests.

From every girl’s profile, you have to the option to start a chat, send a email, send a virtual gift, start a call or favorite her.

Credits and Points System

The site operates on a system of credits and points. In order to perform any action on the site other than just browsing profiles, you have to use up your points or credits.

Points are free and you receive them when you register, complete your profile, etc. Points can be used to send emails to the girls you’re interested in, and receive a reply.

For everything else, you need to use credits. Credits are not free and they can be purchased on the site in different bundles. The breakdown of the bundles goes like this:

  • 3 credits: $21
  • 8 credits: $52
  • 16 credits: $96
  • 32 credits: $179
  • 60 credits: $299
  • 100 credits: $399

To give you an idea of how much credits you need to specific actions, you need:

  • 0.5 credits/5 minutes to chat
  • 0.3 credits for each voice message sent
  • 1.5 credits for each photo sent or received
  • 2 credits to make a call
  • 2.5 credits to view a video made by a one of the ladies

Making a Call

Making a call to a lady is perhaps the best way to genuinely find out more about her personality. Often times though, the call has to be made with a translator. Since 3 people need to be involved in the call, it requires some planning. Especially given the time zone difference between China and North America.

You are encouraged to make an appointment for a call at least 24 hours in advance. The site can help you figure out the time zone difference.

Sketchy Parts

That fact that chatting on the site requires 0.1 credits per minute, essentially means that you pay a certain dollar amount per minute for this feature. This means that there has to be someone on the other end chatting back with you at all times, otherwise you’d be paying for nothing and nobody would do it. So how likely is it that its the girl in the profile that you’re talking to? Unless the girls are employed by and paid to reply to messages instantly, it’s difficult to image how they could be effective at chatting. What if they have 10 men messaging them at the same time? What if they have 20… My guess is that you’re chatting with someone overseas in something that’s the equivalent of a call center.

Every few minutes, a new notification will pop up that says that a girl is trying to start a chat with you. The notifications include a picture of the women, and a one-liner like:

  • Wanna see how long my legs are?
  • Can I be your boss?
  • It can be really hard right?
  • Are u busy with imaging what’under my tight skirt
  • y u wear a mask?
  • You have a very long leg… I love it
  • don’t you think i am too tall?

And other random things like that. The messages seem to be very deliberately written in poor/broken English with carefully placed typos.

Nothing about theses notifications or messages seem authentic. They are at the strangest lines imaginable for someone trying to initiate a conversation with you, and they start appearing as soon as you’ve registered for the site.

It seems to me that these notifications are automated to pop up in order to entice you to pay for live chat by the fact that there are very beautiful woman’s pictures next to the messages.

My Final Conclusion

If you like Chinese women (and if you’re reading this, I assume you do), has hands down, the most beautiful Chinese women on the internet. There simply seems to be no end to how many drop dead gorgeous Chinese woman for you to get to know.

The site is absolutely free to join and literally only takes 10 seconds (or less). My recommendation is to sign up and automatically get 10 free points. Then complete your profile and gain an additional 15 points + a voucher for a free chat session.

Using your 25 points and free chat, you are able to talk to a few girls and test out of the site without dropping a dime. At that point, if you like what you see, you can proceed to purchase some credits, or you can just move on to a different site.

But you don’t lose anything to test it out!

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